2014 Subaru XV


  • Stock ID 8194
  • Free valuation Report
  • Free fitness
  • Keyless Entry, 4 Powered Windows
  • Push to Start
  • Double Din Bluetooth Radio
  • Eyesight technology, lane assist
  • Collision mitigation system
  • Reverse Camera 
  • Auto AC, Eco Mode, ABS
  • Price is subjected to change for upcoming vehicles
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The Subaru Xv is packed with comfort and driving dynamics impress. Bumps are well-damped, and it handles well, with reactive steering, a planted feel at highway speeds and flat cornering. Aside from the CVT drone, it’s pleasant on long trips. Couple with the hybrid system this vehicle is very fuel efficient

A backup camera is standard. In terms of active safety features, the XV is among the more advanced cars in the compact lineup thanks to an optional EyeSight collision avoidance system that’s available on all models except the base version. Newly available safety features include a cruise control that is adaptive, lane-keeping assist, backup automatic braking system and steering-responsive headlights that swivel as the car turns